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i'm gabi.


social media specialist
living in são paulo, brazil.

I'm Gabriela Barbosa, but you can call me Gabi.

I plan, structure, produce and monitor digital media. I have experience with newsletters/e-mail marketing, SEO, content production for big brands, customer listening and event coverage. From time to time, I also teach about feminism, reading and literature. See my resume here.

I have a bachelor's and master's degree in Social Communication, and my focus during the research was on book clubs, their sociability and recognition aspects. 


I started writing online very young, made my own personal blog when I was 11 years old. From the age of 19, I started collaborating for other content channels, such as blogs and influencer portals and became known by them.

About my personal projects, I have a newsletter in which I talk about my incursion into Asian literature and I have a book club called Livros & Lámen [Books & Lamen], where we meet monthly to discuss books by Asian writers chosen by me. 

Hope we can talk soon!



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