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work turma da mônica


Digital content coordinator
Dec 2022 - Current


Turma da Mônica is, without a doubt, the greatest reference in the world of Brazilian characters. Its main income comes from the licensing of different products, from fashion accessories to food products that are a national passion. However, Monica & Friends is also in comics, movies, animated series, books and many other places that form the cultural identity of Brazil.

In this position, I am responsible for a team of three creative writers and a community manager, planning and deciding the content for more than 10 profiles related to the company Mauricio de Sousa Produções.

〰️ Some of my main functions are social media planning, event coverage, content with influencers, production and textual revision of scripts, crisis management, opportunity analysis, interaction with users and celebrities and dissemination of internal projects.


〰️ Examples of projects that I followed closely: Monicast (content suggestions, script review, selection of cuts, correction of subtitles), Avião da Mônica (social media planning, event coverage), Google (content alignment, briefing preparation, writing review and approval), WWF (ideas and insights, creation of a posting calendar, approval with the client), Donas da Rua (agenda definition, participation in the decision of the honorees, name suggestions, textual revision).

〰️ Other relevant projects I was part of: MSP TikTokCoelhadas Gigantes, Sansão - Estilistas Brasileiros.

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